About Us

The Hackney Draper opened its doors in 2014 with a mission to provide beautiful, practical products that are built to last.  In an ever-quickening world of fast and disposable goods, we aim to provide an alternative, where craftsmanship is at our core. We seek to offer an all-encompassing service for those wishing to create a home, built upon these shared values. 
Our shop provides a range of home goods that cater to all areas of a considered home. Nestled in the heart of Hackney, we are able to draw on the wealth of designers and makers working around us, choosing to showcase products from local and independent creators. All of our textile products are hand-sewn in our London workshop. Here we produce our signature line of velvet cushions, our ever-changing rotation of products using fabrics sourced around the world, as well as utilising waste fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.
Alongside our globally sourced textiles sit our permanent collections of house fabrics and paints. For each line we work directly with the maker to curate colour palettes that are contemporary, usable and timeless. Our ranges adhere to our ethos, focusing on natural fibres and eco-friendly ingredients.
Our bespoke service takes the same artisanal and traditional approach when creating products. As fourth generation curtain makers and upholsterers we are able to draw on a rich heritage of skill and craftmanship to produce curtains, cushions, blinds and upholstery. With a wealth of knowledge and a love of textiles at our core, we will work with the customer to create a truly unique and bespoke experience.