Traditional Bay Window

Typical Bay Window in the Chatsworth Road area

Dimensions:     Bay pole 280cm, Drop 260cm
Heading:           Single Pinch Pleat
Fabric:              House washed linen, standard lined and interlined
Pole:                 Gliderpole (concealed track inside pole) to allow for ease of movement of fabric, without the need for passing rings (as with a traditional pole), recommended for bay windows.
  • Price for curtains and pole, as described above and seen in image below: £1,650
  • Price without interlining and with traditional waxed black pole with passing rings: £1,250
  • Fitting excluded
        • Single pinch pleat uses the least amount of fabric. If you would like a fuller curtain you could choose a double-pinch pleat.
        • Interlining is optional and adds fullness and warmth if draughts are a concern
        • Curtains can be lined with standard or blackout lining
        • A minimum 20cm allowance is made in the pole dimension for the curtains to stack-back either side of the window when they are open
        Traditional Bay Window with Gliderpole