How To Guide: Paint



So you're taking the plunge? Taking the world by the paint bristles and finally starting that project you've been putting off for weeks. But where to start? First, colour.Choosing couldn't be easier. Inspired by travels, nature and art, our range of Eco artisan paints is just what you'll need to transform your home. Decorating with our unique paints also comes with the added benefit of being breathable, plastic free, low in VOC and intensely pigmented. They are also free from solvents and their components.

But what about finishes?
We have quite the selection to help you choose wisely: 
If it's tough and durable you're looking for, Smart Emulsion is your guy. Suitable for use on interior walls and woodwork, it is easy to clean, dries fast and has low VOC count. It comes in all our colours.
1 litre will cover approximately 12 square metres depending on porosity of surface.
Drying Time:
Touch dry 1-2 hours. Re-coat after 4 hours.
A smooth, top quality coverage, this finish provides a wipeable finish for interior walls and ceilings.
Suitable for:
Plaster and embossed wallcoverings. Also suitable on wallboards, concrete, cement rendering, brickwork and blockwork in interior situations.
1 litre will cover approximately 14 square meters depending on porosity of surface. Strong colours might require additional coats.
Drying Time:
Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Allow 6-8 hours before applying the second coat. Dark colours will need 24 hours before applying the second coat. Paint will need to harden well before receiving the second coat
Water-based, breathable, excellent coverage and perfumed with a citrus fragrance, it could be none other than our Eco Emulsion. A matt paint for interior walls and ceilings with a chalky, velvety finish. With the added benefit of being eco friendly and free from solvents and all their component, this paint is ideal to cover most wall surfaces around the house because of its low impact on humans health and the environment. This is wipeable and water resistant but it is not scrubbable.
1 litre covers approximately 12 square meters per coat depending on the porosity of surface


A high quality oil-based satin sheen finish for woodwork, our Eggshell is available in all colours. Please note that due to some changes in the formulation of the product, the paint will look glossy for up to 3 weeks then it will go back to its original eggshell finish. A lovely bit of magic to witness. 
1 litre will cover approximately 20 sq. metres, depending on the porosity of the surface. Strong and contrasting colour may require additional coats. When using more than one tin of a colour, intermix before use.
Suitable for interior use, our Acrylic Eggshell is made from tough acrylic resin and it is suitable for your wall and ceiling surfaces in most interior situations. Its low odour properties combined with ease of application and speed of drying allow the work to be completed with a minimum of disruption. It gives a mid-sheen finish.
Suitable for:
Wood, metal and plaster.  It is also suitable for application on wallboards, brickwork and block work, concrete, cement rendering in internal situations.
1 litre will cover approximately 12 square metres, depending on the nature and porosity of the surface. When using more than one tin of a colour in the same room, intermix before use.
Drying Time:
Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Recoatable after 3-4 hours. Clean with water. LOW VOC CONTENT 0.3-7.99% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) contribute to atmospheric pollution. This product contains max 30 g/l VOC.
Traditionally used by peasants and farmers, Lime Wash is a traditional paint finish, evocative of Italian, Spanish and Mexican houses. Pre-mixed in all colours, our lime wash is a classic, durable coating that allows the wall to ‘breathe’. Results can vary from a delicate, velvety and even finish to a vibrant, uneven coat, depending on the application. A finish modern day paints cannot achieve, lime wash also creates a matt, soft and mottled effect which adds character and depth to the wall. Unlike other lime washes on the market, The Hackney Draper Lime Wash is a fully prepared product that is easy to apply and comes ready for use. It has no smell and it is not toxic. It is also suitable for exterior use. 
Suitable for:
Internal and external absorbent, rendered surfaces; old and new plaster; skimmed walls; cement masonry blocks and previously painted surfaces. It is not suitable for wood, glazed bricks and tiles, paved floors and/or any non – porous surface.
Coverage is between 5 to 15 square meters per litre, depending on porosity of the surface. Plaster surfaces and any porous surface will take more paint, especially if applied directly on to them.


A waterbased product ideal for exterior surfaces, our Masonry paint comes in all colours. 
1 litre covers approx. 16 square meters, depending on porosity of the surface.  When using more than one tin colour in the same room, intermix before use. Stronger colours may require an extra coat.
Due to the colours being hand-mixed and the natural pigments used, it is recommended that all paint required be purchased at the same time. When using more than one tin colour in the same room, you will need to intermix before use. 

Keep the lid tightly on. 
Keep out of reach of children. 
Do not swallow and avoid eye contact. 
If accidental contact occurs, rinse eyes with copious amounts of water.
If you need further help choosing the correct finish and colour for your home, please do contact us directly at our shop where we would be happy to help: 020 3583 8485 and/or 
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